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Avoid Home Water Damage – Check Off Your Chore List

It’s inevitable, someday something in your house will break and spray water on your belongings. Sometimes it’s a small leak, sometimes it’s a flood; but it is always a hassle. However, we at ASR want you to know that properly maintaining the most vulnerable connections, appliances and fixtures can lessen your chances of water damage […]

Repairing Water Damage With The Right Equipment

Have you ever tried to eat soup with a fork? How about trying to write a note without a pen or pencil? When you use a manual screwdriver to hang something on the wall and then do it again with a drill, you realize it saves so much time, is so much easier, and you […]

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Understanding And Recognizing The Different Types Of Water Damage

“Water damage.” They are two words that sound scary and daunting. They are two words that are so vague and broad that you may even be confused about what all they refer to. So what exactly is water damage? Essentially, water damage is when water damages your home or business. Although the definition of “water […]