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Proper Fire Damage Cleanup

We hear about fires devastating communities, homes, and businesses, and hope that we never become victims of such devastation. But when a fire actually does rip through your home, the process of getting your property and life back together can be overwhelming. Getting your life back to normal quickly and safely becomes your number one […]

Avoid Summer Fire Damage

Every year about 8,900 house fires are caused by grilling accidents. During the summer, incidents of grill-caused fires skyrocket. More people are outside having barbecues and the fire statistics prove it. Fortunately, grill fires are largely preventable. We at ASR Property Restoration want to introduce some safety tips and tricks to protect your Simi Valley […]

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Choosing A Water Damage Team

Who Can Help You In An Emergency Situation? Whether water damage has happened because of weather, a faulty appliance or a broken water line, when your home has inches of water in it –you need help now! But the odds are that you don’t have a trusted water damage partner yet. Plan ahead and prepare […]

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Ease Your Mind When Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage is never a flavorful pill to swallow.  As a matter of fact, it is quite bitter, and no one ever wishes to partake of something so…distasteful. Not only is it stressful for your mind, but it is also a strain on your finances. Just seeing the splashes of water inside your home can […]

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How To Prepare For Seasonal Wildfires

Wildfires can happen for several reasons, and though you can know when you are most at risk for a wildfire to occur, there is no way to completely avoid them. Almost all wildfires occur when there is a high drought in your area. When trees and underbrush are completely dry, almost anything can ignite them […]

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Technical Tools For Cleaning Up H2O

Water restoration and drying professionals need the right diagnostic instruments for measuring the water-vapor content of the atmosphere after you have suffered water damage in your home. By getting a benchmark, and then monitoring changes daily, your structural drying team can accurately measure the progress at your site. Infrared cameras, thermo-hygrometers, moisture meter, and moisture mapping […]

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Hidden Water Damage

The average American home uses about 20-25 gallons of water per day. With so many facets, pipes and plumbing connections, there are multiple opportunities for water damage in interior voids and hidden places. You KNOW it is water damage when you step in a pool of standing water from malfunctioning appliances or a leaking roof. […]

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Three Long-Term Hazards To Your Health Brought On By Fire Damage

The danger and destruction of a house fire alone are significant, to say the least. On top of these, however, are even further damages that can continue to cause problems days, weeks, and even years after a fire. One example of these damages is how the fire can affect your health both physically and psychologically. […]

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The Homeowners Guide To Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is a dirty, involved process. Knowing what you need to throughout the fire damage restoration process before the fire ever occurs is important so you don’t have any additional stress on you. Below, are a few tips comprising your basic homeowner’s guide to fire damage restoration. For all your fire damage restoration […]

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Things You Didn’t Know a Fire Damage Crew Does

If you think about what a fire damage cleanup crew does, you probably assume that they gut everything and rebuild, however,  there are more services that a company like this offers. Fire damage, whether small or extensive requires immediate action and should not be left alone. Here are some things that the cleanup crew will […]