Smoke Damage/Odor Removal

Odors in homes and businesses can really have an impact on the occupants of the property. Customers do not want to findOdor Removal themselves in an unpleasant environment and can quickly get a bad impression of a company because of the odor in the building. This especially rings true when you are trying to sell a home. A buyer will quickly be thwarted from a property because of a pungent odor. The same thing can happen at home. Guests do not want to find themselves in a malodorous home and have an uncomfortable experience.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage resulting from a fire or wildfire can be overwhelming and difficult to remove. Smoke and soot residues can travel throughout a property, embedding in soft surfaces, entering ductwork, and staining walls and ceilings. Further, smoke residues are often acidic and can damage hard surfaces as well, including appliances, countertops, glass, and metal. ASR provides expert smoke damage remediation, and can completely remove any trace of smoke damage and smoke odors.

We employ a multi-step process to ensure the complete removal of any smoke particles and odors affecting your home:

  1. Contents are removed and cleaned/restored, if needed. Some contents and furniture may be cleaned on-site.
  2. HVAC systems are cleaned and deodorized.
  3. All exterior surfaces are power washed.
  4. Insulation is removed and replaced with new insulation.
  5. Interior cleaning from the top down: Clean all ceilings, then HEPA vacuum walls, clean all vents, light fixtures, etc.
  6. All surfaces are cleaned with a specialized sponge to remove soot residues.
  7. Air scrubbers and air filters are placed on site.
  8. Hydroxyl machines are placed on site.
  9. Dump all trash and throw out any food that will spoil and contaminate breathing environment.
  10. All floors are cleaned, including wet mopping hard floors and cleaning carpets.

Other Odor Sources

Foul smells can come from several places. Mold contamination can cause a distinct pungent odor that cannot be eliminated without eliminating the mold itself. Pet odors are a common source of complaint for a lot of clients. People love their pets, but the odor can sometimes become overwhelming and need to be resolved. Fire damage leaves a lasting smoke odor that is extremely hard to get rid of without professional help.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the professionals at ASR know how awful a malodorous property can affect people. That is why we offer expert odor removal services that work great for any environment. Our local team is dedicated to helping property owners in Ventura and Santa Barbara resolve odor issues in their property.

Our team is professionally trained and certified to handle the most severe odors including:

  • Urine, feces, and bodily fluids
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Residual odor from fire
  • Skunk spray
  • Mold contamination

If you have an odor problem in your home or business, contact the professionals at ASR today. We want to be the team that puts your home and life back together.