Proper Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage simi valley, fire damage cleanup simi valley, fire damage repair simi valleyWe hear about fires devastating communities, homes, and businesses, and hope that we never become victims of such devastation. But when a fire actually does rip through your home, the process of getting your property and life back together can be overwhelming. Getting your life back to normal quickly and safely becomes your number one priority, and finding the right restoration company will make all the difference in restoring your life, home, and peace of mind. Here are some services you should look for when calling a restoration company to clean up fire damage.

  • Emergency Response Services: Fire can strike at any time, so you need a restoration company that can respond at any time. A fast, effective, and efficient response to your fire damage can mitigate any further damage, and get the cleanup process started much quicker. 
  • Board-Up and Tarp-Up Services: Before the cleanup and restoration can start, your home and property must be secured to prevent any further damage or loss. Tarps and boards are used to cover any opening to the home and prevent exposure to the elements. Safeguarding your property is so important, so make sure you find a company that will do just that. 
  • Experience with Insurance Companies: Estimators will be able to put a successful plan into action to begin recovery and the insurance adjusters need to be involved in the entire process, especially before the process begins so that they can document the damage. Find a restoration company that will work side by side with your insurance, handle all the paperwork, and takes care of the billing so that you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Hazardous Material Removal: Fire damaged materials are a health risk to those who handle them.  You need trained and experienced crews to handle the removal of hazardous materials and debris so that you do not have to expose yourself to dangerous materials. You should also see if the company offers to pack up, remove, and store the salvageable personal belongings until restoration is complete.
  • Complete Structure Cleaning and Sanitation: With the use of professional equipment, like thermal imaging technology, restoration companies can see where moisture is hiding and begin the structural drying to prevent the growth of mold. Adequately cleaning is an important step in the restoration process to ensure a healthy environment. Acid residue from smoke and soot can destroy appliances, metals, fixtures, and fiberglass.  Be sure to hire a restoration company that offers complete structure cleaning and sanitation.
  • Smoke and Odor Removal: Smoke damage and odor left behind after a fire can cause great damage to surfaces and the structure of the home. If not cleaned properly and quickly, it can even cause permanent damage to hard surfaces. Make sure the restoration company you choose offers smoke, odor, and spot removal to provide relief from airborne contamination.
  • Full Reconstruction: You want to be sure that you hire a full-service restoration company; meaning they don’t just handle the fire damage cleanup, but can also perform the complete rebuild if necessary. A company that has contractor services and experience will be able to begin the rebuild and reconstruction immediately following sanitation and cleaning. Having one company that handles the entire fire damage restoration process from start to finish will make all the difference in the time, effectiveness, and overall outcome of the restoration process.

ASR Property Restoration is the company you can trust with all of your fire damage restoration needs in Simi Valley. We have fully licensed contractors with many years of experience in disaster restorations and expertise in fire and smoke damage restoration. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about the effects of smoke, heat, and residue caused by fire and will help restore your home or business to look and feel brand new.