Avoid Home Water Damage – Check Off Your Chore List

It’s inevitable, someday something in your house will break and spray water on your belongings. Sometimes it’s a small leak, sometimes it’s a flood; but it is always a hassle. However, we at ASR want you to know that properly maintaining the most vulnerable connections, appliances and fixtures can lessen your chances of water damage to your Ventura County home.

Get in the habit of checking from the front door to the back, from the top to the bottom. Some areas of concern are:

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Living Areas

Sweep hardwood floors and tiles then use a damp (not wet) mop. Avoid dragging a bucket of water around; there is too much of a chance it will spill. Vacuum at least once a month (more with pets). While you clean the floors, look for any signs of water damage like dampness, stains or warped floors. 

When you dust furniture, pay attention to window sills; damage to the wood means your windows are leaking or pooling condensation. 


As you wipe down the stove and microwave oven, check the counters and cabinets for signs of water damage. Look at the baseboards under the dishwasher and sink for water stains or warping.

Unplug your refrigerator and clean the coils of dust and debris. You could improve electrical efficiency by up to 15%. You will also notice any water damage resulting from cracked supply lines to the ice maker or water dispenser. 

It has nothing to do with water damage but since you’re checking…check fire extinguisher pressure gauge to make sure it still has pressure. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors; replace any defective units or replace the batteries if needed.


Wash off your shower curtain if it is dirty; mildew is a sign that the air is staying too damp between showers. Increase ventilation with exhaust fans, or leave the door open. Use cleaners, water and a rag or sponge to wipe away any mildew from your sink and tub to prevent it from growing or causing damage.  

Clear drains in sinks and tub; make sure the water is flowing smoothly. If not, clear them out by flushing them with salt and hot water, use a plunger or snake the drains to remove clogs. If you feel that the surface below the sink, tub, or shower feels spongy or springy, have ASR come to check for leaks. Wet plywood will rot very quickly if not addressed.

Outside and All Around

One of the most common causes of water damage is a water heater failure. Flush the drain at the bottom of the water heater annually to remove sediment. If you notice rusty water, it is time to replace before the bottom rusts and sends 50 gallons onto your floor.

When you change your air conditioning filter, be on the lookout for HVAC leaks. Another common source of indoor water damage is a clogged water line from the A/C.

If you have an outdoor deck, you will have to stain it every 5-6 years so that it stays waterproof. Inspect your deck and look for any damage or signs of wear. Mold thrives in warm, wet, dark spaces so look in the corners and under the furniture. 

Prune trees and shrubs away from the home to protect the roof from falling limbs during a storm. Trim any branches that might fall and cause damage. Rake leaves up periodically to avoid decay and mold. Leaves may also fall into the gutters around your house; clogged gutters can send gallons of rainwater into your basement. 

Make sure your home is energy efficient by inspecting your insulation; if you see wet or stained insulation, you may have a leak from the roof or a supply line in the attic.  

Help in Simi Valley

Managing a home can be hard work. No amount of preparation can avoid all problems. Let All Seasons Restoration help. ASR provides a qualified and experienced team that can respond to any water damage.

Every ASR vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art dryers, dehumidifiers, and extraction equipment to remove moisture from your floors,  walls, and ceilings. Fast and accurate assessment of all the water damage to your property is good for you, your home and your insurance company.

ASR Construction specializes in water damage and mold remediation and is centrally located in Oxnard. Within sixty minutes they can have highly trained and certified ASR employees onsite.