Avoid Summer Fire Damage

Every year about 8,900 house fires are caused by grilling accidents. During the summer, incidents of grill-caused fires skyrocket. More people are outside having barbecues and the fire statistics prove it. Fortunately, grill fires are largely preventable. We at ASR Property Restoration want to introduce some safety tips and tricks to protect your Simi Valley home from a grill fire. 

Grill outside and away from structures.

Since gas and charcoal grills are designed for outdoor use only, they should always be used outside. While that seems pretty obvious, many homeowners store their grill right next to the home’s structure. When grill time comes around, moving the grill is too much effort. Pro tip: Store your grill exactly where you want to use it—away from the house. As soon as it’s moved to a safe place, you’ll never have to worry about proximity again.

Keep your grill clean

A dirty grill is a recipe for disaster. Grease and fat buildup from leftover grilling adventures can easily catch on fire and cause major fire damage. It’s simple: clean your grill before, during, and after cooking. You can buy chemical grill cleaners and scrub brushes online for an inexpensive price. While you’re grilling, regularly scrape off buildup to prevent small blazes.

Check for leaks

This is both the most important and the most overlooked step. Fires started from gas leaks may be the most dangerous because they can happen when you’re not there. Not only that, but microscopic leaks are nearly undetectable to the naked eye, making them among the most hazardous grilling problems. Sometimes a leak will manifest itself as a smell of gas near the grill, but regardless of any odors, it’s wise to regularly check for leaks. Checking for gas leaks is simple. Apply a light soap and water solution to the hose and turn on the gas. If there is a propane leak, the solution will bubble. Hoses with a leak should be replaced immediately.

Be prepared

Most grills have storage underneath them to store gas tanks. Since it’s critical to always be armed for fire, consider storing a small fire extinguisher or baking soda to put out an unexpected fire. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, keep a bucket of sand near the grill. Never use water to put out a grease fire.

Take extra care around the grill

Alright ladies, no more bell sleeves while cooking. Clothing can easily catch fire, so be sure that apron strings, coattails, or sleeves don’t dangle over the grill at any point. Additionally, be sure to instruct children on the proper use of grilling. One quick sampling of the barbecued chicken can cause minor burns to small children.

If fire damage occurs…

Even the most precise preparation can’t prevent 100% of grill fires. Fire damage around the exterior of a home can be a hassle to remediate on your own. If you or a neighbor has experienced any degree of fire damage this summer, be sure to contact ASR. We perform thorough remediation services to homes and businesses ravaged by fires. Give us a call with questions you may have.