Why Hire For Water Damage Repair

Any deluge within the walls of your Ventura County home can lead to big problems. While you can immediately address a small spill without any special equipment or professional assistance, more severe water damage will require extra support. After you realistically assess the situation: your skills, tools and time, consider getting help from a professional team. Here’s what a trustworthy team like ASR can help you with.

Immediate Response

In the event of water damage, a quick response is crucial for the mitigation of the water in business or home. The flood damage professionals respond to calls immediately and can finish the water cleanup, drying, and repair process within a shorter time compared to the home or business owner. Since the professionals have a fleet of well equipped trucks ready, they can be cleaning within the hour.

A submersible pump can do, in a matter of minutes, what it might take you all day to accomplish. High efficiency blowers and industrial fans dry the area much more quickly than the simple box fan you own. Take advantage of their knowledge and equipment with immediate response.

Health and Safety

A flooded basement may have floating toxic chemicals or submerged electrical wires. Any “black water” or discharge from sewage systems, broken plumbing, or septic tanks can expose you to harmful bacteria. A flood may have weakened the building’s walls, floors or support structure. Let the experienced team investigate your specific situation.

Any water intrusion can allow for mold growth. Many varieties of mold are toxic and the clean up process can be dangerous. Professionals will suit up in safety gear to avoid a spreading secondary infestation– your safety will be their first priority.

An Insurance Advocate For You

Quality flood damage restoration companies have years of experience with insurance policies and forms. Their procedures can help the homeowner properly document the losses and receive a fair settlement from their insurance firms. They can also provide proof of damages to the insurance company in the event of a dispute. At a time when you are out of your element, lean on those who know the rules, vocabulary and rules in the industry today.


People often miss details while they’re slogging through the water. Clothes, keepsakes, or other papers left in dressers, or stashed inside of storage bins can easily be overlooked. Those items can retain water, grow mold, and cause more problems later. A professional company will have processes and equipment to detect water damage that might be missed by a casual inspection. Relying on a professional could definitely save you money in the long run.

Engage the Experts in Simi Valley

If you suffer from water damage, you will  need a restoration team that works well with you and each other– respectful and sympathetic. The professional restorers at All Season’s Restoration have the equipment and knowledge necessary to assess the full extent of the damage, quickly rid your home of excess water and thoroughly dry materials.  

As Ventura County’s largest restoration company, ASR’s professional and certified team offers 24/7 service and specializes in water damage removal & repairs in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.