Understanding And Recognizing The Different Types Of Water Damage

water damage cleanup ventura county, water damage ventura countyWater damage.” They are two words that sound scary and daunting. They are two words that are so vague and broad that you may even be confused about what all they refer to.

So what exactly is water damage? Essentially, water damage is when water damages your home or business. Although the definition of “water damage” isn’t exactly rocket science, being able to recognize it and understand the different types of it may be a little more difficult. Whether you’re a new property owner or water damage just isn’t something that you’ve thought about much before, ASR Property Restoration in Ventura County is breaking down the three different categories of water damage and what falls underneath them so you can understand water damage better. Through understanding what water damage is, the different categories of water damage, and how it commonly appears, you are better equipped to know if your property is undergoing water damage and when water damage cleanup is necessary.

Category One: Clean Water

The first category of water damage is clean water. Damage via clean water is the least serious of the three categories of water damage because it does not pose any immediate health threats. Water damage is considered clean water damage when the water causing the damage has not been used or contaminated.

Clean water damage can include any water damage caused by leaking water pipes, overflowing sinks or tubs, broken water supply lines on appliances like fridges or dishwashers, roofs leaking rainwater, melting snow or ice, rainfall, water sprinklers, and overflowing toilet bowls with clean water in them. Of course, category one water damage still poses a threat and could transition into category two or three water damage, especially if it is left untreated for longer than 24 hours or if conditions are especially conducive for bacteria being produced. Consequently, it should be addressed with some promptness.

Category Two: Gray Water

Although gray water damage often isn’t literally gray, category two water damage is caused by water with some contamination. As a result, it is more dangerous than category one damage and can lead to illness for those near it.

Some types of gray water damage include an overflowing toilet bowl with urine in it, a sump pump backup, a washing machine overflowing, and water leaking out of a running dishwasher. Category two water damage should be cleaned up quickly so it does not cause harm to those near it or become more dangerous.

Category Three: Black Water

Blackwater damage is the most serious water damage and is extremely dangerous for anyone near it. It is characterized by being contaminated by bacteria, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. Consequently, it is more likely to lead to illness than category two damage and can also lead to more severe illness than category two damage.

Category three damage can include damage from sewage, groundwater, a toilet overflowing with feces in it, and flood water from streams or rivers. It should be dealt with immediately and cautiously to minimize its dangerous effects.

In the event of any of these types of water damage, it’s important to contact a professional promptly so you can receive the water damage cleanup you need before the damage increases. If you live in Ventura County and are in need of water damage cleanup, contact ASR Property Restoration.