The Homeowners Guide To Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage simi valley, fire damage cleanup simi valleyFire damage restoration is a dirty, involved process. Knowing what you need to throughout the fire damage restoration process before the fire ever occurs is important so you don’t have any additional stress on you. Below, are a few tips comprising your basic homeowner’s guide to fire damage restoration. For all your fire damage restoration concerns and needs, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at All Seasons Restoration (ASR) in the Simi Valley area.

Know The Three S’s

The three S’s of fire damage capture the three main hazards a fire will have upon your home. They are smoke damage, soot inhalation, and structural damage. Each one of these dangers has the potential to be very dangerous to your home and your health. Smoke damage can permeate its way throughout your entire home. The smoke can get in your walls, floor, carpet, upholstery, and other personal possessions. With the right equipment, a cleaning and restoration company can remove the smoke and its smell from your home in most cases. The most potent danger regarding soot is that it can be very hazardous if inhaled. Soot is composed of microscopic particles burned by the fire which can cause very serious respiratory symptoms, and even cancer, if inhaled. The structural damage caused by a fire can sometimes be so severe as to completely destroy a home. It can also cause just enough damage to look safe but a wrong step could send parts of the home crashing down. Make sure to have your home professionally inspected after a fire to determine if it is still safe to be in.

Contact A Certified Cleaning And Restoration Company Immediately

Don’t tackle the entire fire damage restoration process alone. Getting the job done right requires experience, time, and equipment. All three of which we at All Seasons Restoration (ASR) have. A certified cleaning and restoration company will be able to get the done quickly and safely. You don’t have to stress about all the effort that goes into restoring your or the safety concerns which accompany it.

Don’t Hastily Throw Away Any Damage Items

A common mistake many people make when dealing with the aftermath of a fire is throwing away many of their damaged possessions before the professionals take a look at them. The restoration techniques at our disposal are advanced and are probably able to recover more of your possessions than you may first think.

Consider Boarding Up Your Home

If your home is seriously damaged by a fire and, therefore, uninhabitable for a time you may want to consider boarding it up. Boarding up your home has many advantages. It will keep the effects of weather from causing damage over time. It will also keep unwanted wildlife out of the way. If you will be forced out of your home for a time after a fire, your best option is probably to board it up until you move back in.

A house may, if you are unfortunate, take you off guard. However, you can be a step ahead of the fire by knowing exactly what to do in response to it. Following these steps above is a great start. However, the best thing you can do is call the pros at All Seasons Restoration in the Simi Valley area so we can begin restoring your home just like new