Things You Didn’t Know a Fire Damage Crew Does

fire damage cleanup simi valley, fire damage simi valleyIf you think about what a fire damage cleanup crew does, you probably assume that they gut everything and rebuild, however,  there are more services that a company like this offers. Fire damage, whether small or extensive requires immediate action and should not be left alone. Here are some things that the cleanup crew will do that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

Thermal Imaging

Water damage is not something that you would consider a big threat when you are dealing with the aftermath of a fire, but it is a big problem. When first responders come to the scene of a fire, they will usually douse it with as much water and fire retardant as possible and this water can damage your home as much as the fire if it is left alone. Water damage can make a hospitable environment for mold and mildew to grow in, and it would be a shame to have to tear apart even more of your home just to clean out the mold. Fortunately, a fire damage cleanup company has thermal imaging tools that can see within the walls of the home where the moisture is trapped. From there they can assess the damage and the best way to get rid of it before they rebuild.

Odor and Soot Control

You may not know that soot and ash are commonly acidic and can damage metals in your home on your fixtures, appliances, or pipes. The longer that the acidic soot sits, the more damage it can do to your property, so speed is key in cleaning up the mess. Smoke odor is also much more damaging and widespread the longer it sits, so it is important that you call a fire damage cleanup company right away after you experience a fire emergency.

24 Hour Service

Many fire damage companies offer 24/7 emergency hours, so you don’t have to wait until the next day’s business hours to
contact the company to start working. When you experience an emergency like this, it is nice to have some peace of mind
knowing that your home is being taken care of while you make sure your family is safe and you see to their needs. You should
never try and take care of fire damage by yourself because many times the integrity of your home may be compromised and there could be a possibility of collapse.

Protecting The House

A fire damage cleanup crew has to consider preventing more damage happening as well as cleaning up the existing damage in a timely manner. Rain, snow, or other elements on the outside can seriously damage a house that is unprotected. A damaged roof, windows, or walls can let moisture in, and if you thought a fire was bad, just try dealing with fire and a flood at the same time. A professional company will board up your windows and tarp up the other areas of your home so that it is protected from the elements and secure from other people getting in.