When Cleaning Up is Dirty Work

flood damage repair montecito, flood damage montecitoRecovering from a flood is tough, terrible, tiring work. After the drama of rising water, chances are you’re overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning up. All contaminated material must be removed, all surfaces must be sterilized and the workspace must be kept safe throughout rebuilding. All Season Restoration offers some considerations for clean-up.

The Truths About A Flood Clean-Up

It Is Gross

Flood water is disgusting. Standing water can leave residues of biological contaminants from household chemicals, petroleum products, and pet waste.  Make sure you sanitize tools, equipment and yourself thoroughly after any repair work.

It Stinks

Within a day or two, the closed rooms will begin to reek. The smells given off by mold at certain stages of their growth and reproduction are called Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs).  In other words, it is a mixture of various compounds released by the organism as it eats, grows, and multiplies.

It Is Dangerous

Molds and bacteria present can be very dangerous; anyone working should wear personal protective gear. You might even need respirators: flood water can also break down asbestos, a tough fiber used in many building materials. The cancer causing fibers can then become airborne and breathable.

It Is Damaging

Standing water can degrade the homes structural integrity since it is a solvent that breaks down building materials. Wood and sheetrock weaken within hours, metal can begin to rust in days. Be cautious on staircases and while working in buildings in which even modest amounts of water stood for more than a day or two.

Where to Focus Your Energy

Since mold can begin to form within 24-48 hours, you must work quickly to prevent further damage:

Move Damaged Items

Get those damaged items out of the basement and out to the curb. While it can be grueling work, removing water-logged items is imperative to control mold. Don’t leave any wet materials for mold spores to find. If you know you don’t have the time or strength, call in a flood damage team immediately.

Get the Air Moving

Bacterial and mold growth can form quickly, depending on factors such as temperature, moisture level and an organic “food source” (paper, drywall, wood, etc.). Significant microbial growth greatly increases remediation costs so start the drying process as soon as possible.

Place several fans to improve circulation Then run a dehumidifier to improve evaporation. While your ceiling and box fans will help, the professional equipment available can more than double the results.


The demolition work is another messy step toward getting your house back. Carpets and pads need to be removed.. Affected baseboards and drywall must be pulled if they sustained water damage. Floor tiles should be replaced since the water will have gotten underneath the tiles. Plan the staging and transportation needed to get your ruined materials to the local landfill.

Clean and Disinfect

Once the damaged contents are removed, disinfect everything one final time to kill the mold spores. While it is still common practice to use a bleach solution for disinfecting, professionals generally use professional products including “green” options that are very safe to use.

Professional Flood Damage Repair in Montecito

The physical and emotional costs of recovering from a flood can leave you reeling. All Seasons Restoration specializes in water damage, sewage clean-up, and mold remediation. As Montecito’s largest restoration company,  60 full-time employees can quickly be on site to stop further damage, to restore your property and to preserve your health.They are centrally located in Oxnard and respond immediately at 805-256-1090 to the surrounding areas.