When Your Home is Too Wet

water damage cleanup simi valley, water damage simi valleyUse the Right Tools and Resources for Water Damage Cleanup

Whether after an actual, rain caused a flood or if your home has sprung an internal plumbing leak,  excess moisture your home can quickly escalate into damage to both your property and your health. Timing is critical; the potential for harm increases with the amount of time excess water is in your home. After you have secured the source of the problem, move quickly to dry out your home.

Why Hurry? ( or Areas of Future Problems)

If you scouring the internet, looking for an answer, it is “no, this mess can’t wait until the weekend.” Time is working against you in four areas:

Mold- In as little as 48 hours, mold can begin to grow. The floating spores land on an organic food source (cloth, paper, wood) with excess moisture and can quickly spread.

Bacteria- If the original water source was tainted, bacteria will flourish in warm, wet and dark areas.

Structural Damage- Water can degrade wood and sheetrock or corrode metal supports. Saltwater increases the danger and speeds the problems.

Further Deterioration of Your Belongings- Clothes, keepsakes, or other papers left in dressers, or stashed inside of storage bins can retain water, grow mold, and cause more problems later.

Use every fan and air moving device, 24/7, as you rush against future mold.  If you contract with a full-service water damage team like All Seasons Restoration, they will bring industrial strength equipment. You can also rent industrial air movers or…

When (and How) to Use a Dehumidifier

You can buy or rent a mechanical dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in your home. Using a dehumidifier is a relatively low-cost way to ventilate damp and musty-smelling rooms. Aim for a relative humidity of 40-50 percent; any higher can lead to mold growth and below 30 percent can cause structural problems.

During humid months, consider a dehumidifier in your basement, bathroom, and attic. In addition to protecting your home, they are very useful for people suffering from respiratory problems, such as asthma, allergies, and colds. An ideal level of humidity can help relieves their symptoms.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

If you are restoring your own home after water damage, here are some tips for the dehumidifier:

  • Empty the tank often. Clean the tank on a regular basis to avoid mold growth and bacteria. Use regular soap and water to scrub inside the reservoir.
  • Check and clean or replace the air filter, as well as the exhaust grilles, to prevent dust build-up and allow free air flow.
  • Place the dehumidifier on a level and stable surface. Leave at least 10 inches of free space at the back, and five feet in front of it. Plug the dehumidifier into a grounded outlet.
  • Close the windows and doors in the area where you use the dehumidifier. Moisture coming from outside will slow your progress and can stress the machine.

When to Call For Help

While dehumidifiers are great at removing dampness from an area, always consult a water damage specialist if you have a serious water problem. The potential for mold infestations, bacterial residue, and additional damage remains until the air is consistently brought down below an indoor relative humidity (RH) below 60 percent — ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible.

Professionals have the expertise and utilize thermal imaging technology to detect moisture in areas that are difficult to inspect without tearing out walls, and baseboard to find moisture. The technology is non-invasive and non-contact and ensures that all hidden pockets of moisture are identified.  Full-service water damage teams like All Seasons Restoration also use hygrometers,  or moisture meters, to properly place drying equipment to speed a more effective restoration.

Why Call All Seasons Restoration

The key to saving your property to “pre-loss” condition is the speed of the initial removal of the water. Every ASR vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art dryers, dehumidifiers, and extraction equipment to remove moisture from your carpet, hardwood floors, linoleum, cabinets, walls, and ceilings.

All Seasons Restoration provides a quick response with an experienced team; they have the manpower to handle losses of any size. Simi Valley’s largest restoration company has more than 60 full-time employees. Within sixty minutes they can have highly trained and certified ASR employees onsite to stop further damage, to restore your property and to preserve your health.

All Seasons Restoration is centrally located in Simi Valley and responds immediately at 805-256-1090.