Steps For Preventing Flood Damage In Santa Barbara

Flood Damage Santa Barbara, Flood Damage Cleanup Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara residents are no strangers to intense rainfall and flood damage. Just last month the Montecito mudslides took the lives of several residents and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Heavy rainfall dislodged boulders, causing flooding and mudslides along hillsides that were previously damaged by the Thomas fire late last year.

Due to the nature of the beast, preventing damage to your home or business during a flash flood or heavy mudslides can be challenging and almost impossible. However, taking preventative measure can go a long way in minimizing the property damage. All Seasons Restoration has compiled a list of steps you can take to prevent property damage from flooding in the future.

Familiarize Yourself with Weather Terminology

Keep an eye on your local news for weather alerts and get to know weather terminology. Understanding what each term means can help you prepare for the impending disaster.

Weather Terminology:

Advisory – Covers special weather conditions and isn’t as serious as a warning. Advisory alerts are for events that may cause inconvenience and caution should be exercised to prevent disastrous situations.

Watch – A watch alert is used when hazardous weather increases, but its occurrence, location, and timing is still unknown. A Watch is intended to provide enough notice so that resident can prepare and set their plans in motion.

Warning – A warning alert is used when hazardous weather threatens lives or property. When the warning is put in place it means the hazardous event will occur soon, is occurring, or has a high probability of occurring. By the time a warning is in place, your preparation window is small or non-existent.

Secure Your Belongings

  • Bring in any outdoor furniture or appliances inside. Move any valuable items to the highest possible floor, preferably away from the ground.
  • Unplug any electrical appliances that may be affected. If water does penetrate your home the last thing you need to worry about is electric shock.

Know Where Your Shutoff Valves and Switches Are

  • If the flooding event is severe, turn off your gas and electricity at the main shutoff valve or switch. Turning off the power and gas can prevent fires and potential explosions.

Know Your Property

  • Get to know your property before a flood watch or warning is put in place. Can you identify changes in slope and grade of your yard? Do you know where the water and debris will flow and collect? Knowing this information can help you create diversions ahead of time to prevent water and debris from pooling near the foundation of your home.

Using Sandbags

When properly filled and placed, sandbags can prevent a significant amount of flood damage to your Santa Barbara property. Sandbags have the capability of redirecting water flow away from your property. To get the best performance out of your sandbags you will want to make sure you fill the sandbag half full, with sand preferably, but local soil may also be used. Fold the top of the sandbag down and place the bag on its folded top. When stacking your sandbags make sure to complete each layer before you start on the next layer. We recommend stacking sandbags three layers high, any higher and you will want to use a pyramidal style layering to prevent the sandbags from toppling over.

It is important to keep in mind that sandbags will not seal out the water and if they are placed too early they may start to deteriorate before the flood waters even reach them.

After Flooding Has Occurred

If your home or business has suffered from flood damage it is important to act quickly to mitigate any damage. In some cases, reaching your property may be impossible until after the flood damage disaster has passed and roads are clear enough to make it to your property. If you had to evacuate the area, make sure it is safe to enter the area before doing so. Calling a local flood damage restoration company can go a long way in preventing secondary damage and permanent property damage and loss. Not only are these professionals properly equipped to handle any flood damage disaster, they have years of experience when it comes to flood damage cleanup and know what steps need to be taken to prevent damage and fully-repair you home.