Mudslide Safety

mudslide damage montecito, mud removal montecito, mudslide cleanup montecitoThe recent mudslides in Montecito have left residents of the city in great destruction. Professional mudslide cleanup crews and home and business owners are shocked by the amount of damage the mudslides created and how intense the mudslides were. Property damage due to mudslides is not an extremely common occurrence, but when it does happen – it can be a next-level disaster situation that will take a long time to clean up.

Though fire and water safety issues are topics of conversation starting in grade-school, safety issues related to mudslides isn’t something people talk about often. There are many safety risks following a mudslide that most people aren’t aware of.

To understand the safety concerns from mudslides, it is important to understand what mudslides are and why they happen.

What is a mudslide?

Mudslides are a type of landslide and are usually activated by natural disasters. Heavy rain and wildfires are common disasters that leave the land particularly vulnerable to mudslides. Mudslides develop quickly and move very fast. Because of the amount of debris that is carried in the flow of a mudslide and how fast it moves, mudslides are quite powerful and very dangerous. Homes, roads, and heavy vehicles can be demolished in a mudslide disaster.


Safety concerns following mudslides.

25-50 deaths in the United States are caused by mudslides each year. Mudslide related deaths are not just a result of physical trauma due to the rapidly moving debris. Mudslides can cause broken gas and sewer lines, broken electrical devices, and broken water pipes that can all result in serious injury or death. Mudslides endanger vehicles on the road, break roadways and bridges and can hinder the ability of emergency vehicles to transport injured people.

People who live in areas at the bottom of slopes or canyons that are susceptible to wildfires and heavy rainfall are more likely to experience mudslides and debris flows. People that live in these types of areas should take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their properties from mudslides.

How to take precautionary measures.

Prevention is a key factor in mudslide safety. Before major storms and heavy rainfall happen, learn where mudslides might have occurred in your location previously. Develop emergency plans that include evacuation and communication plans.

During storms, pay attention to your local warnings and for information on what safety measures you should take. If you are driving, stay alert. Look for blocked or collapsed roads and listen for sounds of rumbling. If a mudslide is bound to happen, get out of its path immediately. Take high-ground and wait for the flow to stop.

After a mudslide has happened, the area should not be considered stable or safe. Additional mudflows and flooding are a risk. Report any broken pipes or lines that you come across and look for trapped people….do not enter the path of the mudslide if you can help it.

Mud removal and cleanup crews are available to help get your property back to normal. The Thomas Fire in Montecito has caused a lot of destruction and ASR is certified and qualified to professionally restore your property after a mudslide. Contact our professional team immediately for mud removal and mudslide cleanup.